• Learn to share your feelings, desires and boundaries with love and empathy
  • ​Master ejaculation control and erectile challenges 
  • Learn about sexual styles, and how to interpret what your body is telling you
  • Learn how to speak your partner's sexual lauguage.
  • Uncover the obstacles that inhibit true connection and address the areas where you shut down
  • Broaden your experience of giving and receiving pleasure using mindfulness
  • Move beyond feelings of resentment and betrayal
  • Explore the realm of your sexual fantasies and hidden desires without shame
  • Understand how to heal from trauma 
  • Learn about the intriguing relationship between security and eroticism
  • Strengthen your bond of attachment to your partner
  • ​Learn about alternative sexual styles that add variety to your erotic menu
  • Accept and appreciate your changing body through aging or illness
  • Expand your orgasmic capacity for pleasure
  • Learn the art of full-body sensual touch
  • Fall in love with your partner all over again

Sex and Intimacy Coaching

in person and online sessions

I’m Corinne, and I’m happy your search has led you to me.
I’ve been working professionally with men, women and couples and their experience of sexuality for more than ten years. I'm a Certified Relationship and Sex Coach, Sex Educator, and Certified Hypnotherapist with a Solution Focused approach to sexuality and relationship. Within a few sessions, I will guide you through the layers of beliefs and self-doubt that can turn love, sex and desire into an emotionally and physically painful part of your life, rather than a rich celebration of pleasure, attachment and connection. Together we will give voice to feelings that need to be shared and you'll gain tangible and practical skills that will impact your relationship to your body and your partner.
Somatic Sex Coaching is a method of learning based on relational, body-based experiences designed to address your unique challenges with communication, desire, touch, and pleasure. Using mindful awareness of what your body is telling you, somatic coaching will alter and heal your relationships of unhealthy patterns that can lead to a loss of intimacy and sexual connection.

Somatic experiencing therapy powerfully enhances and reinforces new patterns of beliefs and habits that consciously and unconsciously form your relationship to sex and intimacy.

As a Relationship, Sex and Intimacy Coach I offer you a nurturing experience of secure attachment in a therapeutic environment that is safe and loving. Many people have never experienced the safety, relaxation and freedom that secure attachment brings within the therapy environment, whether that's in person in my office, or online in the comfort of your home.

Sex coaching is the intersection of Sexology (what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it) and coaching (a way to define goals, where you want to get to, and the action steps to get there).  I do not engage in erotic or sexual behaviors with my clients. Our sessions will be fully dressed, but my work with you will allow for an honest and authentic experience of connection, and an understanding of your sexual and intimate self, that will deepen and enhance every part of your life and every relationship you care about.

How can we know what has never been taught or modeled for us?

It's never too late to learn how to love better!

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Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching vs Sex Therapy

Which is best for you?

Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching is a method of learning that is proving to be an invaluable cutting-edge modality in teaching us how to understand and enhance our sexual enjoyment and deepen our capacity for intimacy with our partners. I like to help clients understand the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy, so they can find the modality that can best serve their present needs.

Somatic Sex Coaching ​is a way of thinking that holds your bodily experience in mind. This holistic model works with the whole person; body and mind, thinking, feeling, and sensing. What that means is that at times the focus will be on your experience in the moment rather than content about a particular recent or past memory.

In addition to exploring thoughts and feelings, as would happen in any therapy, a somatic therapist might also help you explore gestures, bodily tension, and particular sensations through mindful awareness, movement, or touch.

Somatic Sex Coaching is particularly useful in working with this unconscious aspect of our experience, which is primary in our early years but continues throughout our lives to shape our relationship to ourselves and the world around us.

There are distinct differences between the professions of sex coaching and sex therapy. Coaching was born out of the Human Potential Movement. Its focus is primarily on the present and future goals of the client. It emphasizes self-exploration and self-knowledge. It helps a client reframe present time thinking, and forms concrete steps in moving toward their desired goals. 

My coaching is solution focused and does not usually extend into ongoing sessions for months at a time. When I speak to a client about their past, I look for patterns that may influence their current thinking, but I do not lead them in a psychological process that is based on the medical model of therapy, which helps with psychiatric maladies that need to be repaired in order to live a normal functioning life. I coach with the knowledge that my clients’ answers already live inside them, and my questions facilitate the discovery of their own inherent wisdom.

I focus my clients on the future creating experiential awareness and practical steps designed to bring forth their best hopes, and the tangible steps and understanding needed in making them a reality.

I recommend the coaching model with the majority of clients seeking help with sex and intimacy. In my opinion, talk therapy may open some doors to understanding, but working somatically with present time body awareness is the key to gaining freedom from unhealthy sexual patterns and beliefs.

If I feel a client has issues that require a more psychological approach, I will refer them to a psychotherapist. Likewise, I receive referrals from psychtherapists who look for more practical and somatic approaches to sex and intimacy for their clients, than they are able to offer within the limits of their therapeutic license. Each profession has capabilities the other does not have. Both therapists and coaches ascribe to high ethical and professional standards. I hope this helps explain some general differences between these two complementary modalities. If you are unsure which modality is best suited to your current needs, I’m happy to consult with you by phone.

"You will receive so much more than instruction in working with Corinne. She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman who's purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy..." 


"Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive. She reads body language keenly and intuits exactly what the client needs next. It's a pleasure to be on the receiving end of her coaching skills..."

love, sex and desire


Getting to the Heart of Sex and Intimacy

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