love, sex and desire

Online Sessions:

the answer to the space and time continuum.

Using video calling to bridge the challenges of time and space is an ever increasing solution in the therapeutic world. My clients often speak to me from the comfort and convenience of their computers. Many of them have told me they appreciate being in familiar surroundings where they can relax in their favorite living room chair, or the privacy of their office. Sit back in your comfy chair, put on a pair of noise-blocking headphones and we will find the quiet, private space that being together in my office would provide, no matter where you are in the world.

This is what I hear...

"I never have to worry about canceling sessions because I'm traveling or the weather is bad. I know it's made a difference in my progress to not have to skip a week..."

"Video calling gives me a sense of anonymity and helps me to speak more freely about sensitive issues..."

"I live in an area that is more remote and without a lot of sex coaches to choose from..."

"sitting with my headset on and my eyes closed for the hypnosis part of our session is no different than being in your studio..."

"It was hard for me to get up my nerve to see a sex coach. Starting off with the video calls helped me ease into it..."

"my life is just too busy to drive across the city to see you in person on a weekly basis. It's nice to know that I can just go into my den and close my door for an hour. Our video calls are actually more intimate and effective than I imagined...."

Whether we meet in the privacy of my office, or the privacy of cyber space, or maybe a bit of both, let's explore what works best for you.

Call me at 415-634-7330 and let's talk about sex and intimacy.