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 Like food, sexuality comes in all flavors. Kink, fetishes and BDSM all add dimension to our feasts, and add dishes to choose from on our erotic menu. But if you want to learn how to add variety to your sexual palate where do you begin?

As any master chef would tell you, learning how to get things ‘cooking’ takes education and training. Likewise, learning how to incorporate alternative sexual styles into your relationship requires knowledge and confidence. You may know how to make an amazing grilled cheese sandwich, but sitting your lover down for a gourmet, 5-course dinner shows them you’ve done your homework and you know what you’re doing in the kitchen.

Kink, power exchange, role play, sharing fantasies, communicating desires can be profound experiences that can transform a relationship both in and out of the bedroom. The ability to lead and to be led, to give and to take, to be firm and to be sensual, to be masterful in whatever role you're in, are skills you can  learn through coaching. As you both step into new and exciting erotic territory, you need more than kink techniques and toys. You need guidance and support in learning how to be together in new ways, to communicate vulnerable feelings, to play and explore, to trust and allow.

I teach you about kink to expand and enhance your relationship dynamic, to own your erotic power, and be deeply seen and appreciated by your partner in all of your erotic dimensions. Seeing your lover with new eyes creates the novelty couples long for but often don't know how to find.

The Tasting Table 3 sessions giving you a tasting menu and a good sense for how Kink can enhance your connection and build trust in your relationship. You'll learn the foundations of communication, negotiation, presence, trust, consent, archetypes and personas. Kink play can offer couples safe containers to explore relational dynamics and heal emotions. 

You'll learn about the yin and yang polarity that keeps things exciting between partners and how to step into those opposite and equal energies to build passion and attraction. 

The Master's Feast  These 6 sessions build on the first 3 introductory sessions by applying what you've learned to more advanced trainings and techniques that you'd like to see on your erotic menu. You'll discover what your turn-ons are and how to masterfully give your partner the experiences they're looking for. I'll be giving you some exciting explorations to delve into at home with email and phone access to me in-between our sessions. And every 6 session program ends with a mystery bonus outing with me that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Call me and let’s talk about how Kink can open doors to new worlds of pleasure and new ways of loving.


You can read my latest article on Kink in the February 2018 issue of Common Ground Magazine (The Love Issue) called Positively Kinky (page 30)

or here at World Association of Sex Coaches

or it can be seen in it's entirety below.

Positively Kinky: Explore Kink to Strengthen Intimacy and Connection
By Corinne Farago

Wikipedia defines Kink as “unconventional sexual practices.” We have all fantasized or secretly desired what may be considered unconventional. It’s the beautiful nature of our erotic minds to engage with ideas that create arousal in our bodies. By teaching us to accept and share our desires, Kink fuels passion with our partners.

Couples who become sexual explorers together acknowledge and support each other’s ongoing sexual evolution. They see their partner with renewed curiosity and appreciation. They discover new ways to use their erotic minds to turn each other on. You don’t need to be excited by pain, bondage, or humiliation to be kinky. Nor do you have to visit a mid-evil dungeon to explore BDSM. You might prefer the more sensual world of power exchange through foot worship or a loving spanking or the smell of leather while blindfolded.

Kink is physical and psychological; it’s deep, fun, intense, and playful. From a couple’s perspective it can deepen connection, heighten pleasure, and sometimes heal pain. For instance, patterns and challenges within a relationship can be explored through role-play. Partners can agree to switch their dynamic to feel a different perspective. We learn to give and receive, to trust and surrender. Kink can open us to deeper intimacy and enable us to behold our partner with fresh eyes, creating the passion and erotic connection we long for.

Communication. Desires and consent.

One of the first things you learn in Kink classes is how to skillfully, “negotiate a scene.” Simply put, this means communicating with your partner about desires, expectations, and limits. Negotiating a scene lets a couple relax, knowing their desires and limits have been expressed. You have to talk about sex if you want better sex. The more you communicate the more natural and fun it becomes. Making plans, sharing fantasies, forming agreements, expressing desires, showing appreciation—these all start with words. The Kink community puts a premium on communication and consent skills that everyone can learn from.

Education. Sexual exploration.

Find education that appeals to your unique appetite. You may share the same erotic tastes with your partner or you may not. That’s okay. It’s a journey, and as with any journey, if you’re open to new adventures you will learn about yourself and your companions along the way. Accept your partner’s desires with an open mind. Judgment and shame can bring a quick end to honest sharing. Make the commitment to embrace and support each other’s erotic growth. This valuable gift we give our partner can only come from a secure and generous heart.

In the Bay Area there are endless ways of enhancing your kinky education: workshops, sex coaching, weekend adventures, conventions, retreats, public and private dungeons, sex stores, street fairs—San Francisco prides itself on being a sanctuary where sexual diversity is celebrated.

Before you learn about Japanese rope ties or what style of flogger to buy, learn how to be safe and ethical in your interactions with others. There are classes for all of it.

Novelty. It’s an inside job.

Novelty is one of the key factors in heightening our sexual passion, and more than loss of love, it is the desire for novelty that will lead people into secret lives.

An illicit affair may be the most common approach to finding novelty but the consequences are emotionally damaging. Kink offers the experience of novelty within a relationship by opening doorways into exotic aspects of ourselves. We give each other permission to step out of our day-to-day personas and explore dimensions of ourselves that our partners rarely see. A dominant partner may find pleasure in relinquishing control. A submissive partner may discover their personal power by taking charge. We all share collective archetypal personas that can add variety and dimension to an erotic encounter and create the novelty that rekindles passion. You don’t need to find a new partner to be with someone new.

Presence: Are We Here Yet?

Clearing the mind is a welcome byproduct of Kink play. The moment your wrists are gently secured or a blindfold has been placed over your eyes, your thoughts are quickly directed to the present moment. Like sitting meditation, the mind is momentarily freed of past and future thinking.

 Play. Have we forgotten how?

“Play” is a word commonly used in the Kink community to describe erotic engagement and is more in keeping with kinky encounters than the dark intensity of what is often portrayed in the media. Kink welcomes both the light and the dark because every human being is made up of both. But when we use the word play, as in meeting for a “play date” or attending a “play party”, we’re reminded of the child-like enjoyment we can bring to our erotic lives.  Plan your next sexual encounter from a playful perspective and don’t be afraid to bring humor into your erotic adventures. Laughter is one of life’s great aphrodisiacs.

Kink is a physical and psychological playground of possibilities. Kink reveals our complexities and gives voice to our erotic minds. It softens our armor and ignites our desires. Become explorers together. Talk about sex regularly. “Negotiate a scene” so desires are clearly expressed. Educate yourselves and expand your erotic menu. Enjoy the novelty of seeing your partner with fresh eyes, and embrace your erotic life with a curious mind and a playful heart.

Corinne Farago is a somatic sex and intimacy coach and educator in Mill Valley offering personal coaching for couples and individuals.


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